What is Fancy Yarn Bazar?

FancyYarnBazar is a fully owned subsidiary of ACT Tex Yarn Private Limited and having huge shade collections of Melange , Fancy & Special Yarns in an Indian Textile Market. FancyYarnBazar aims to help to Textile Professionals with an imperative resource for collection , searching , knowledge , research , correlation of Melange , Fancy & Special Yarn over Fabrics Image in a single E-Platform .


The Fancy Yarn Bazar Philosophy..!!

Fancy Yarn Bazar was launched with a burning desire of Textile professionals to create the largest collections of Melange ,Fancy & Special yarns in a single platform India is emerging as a leading textile market for an ever-increasing range of products & services in the field of Fancy Garments .there has been a surge in demand that shows an Indian fancy yarn in a platform to correlate the effects on fabrics/Garments . All the shades on Fancy Yarn Bazar are indicative of the fact that how yarn effect to be appears & feel on fabric & Garments.

The founder of Fancy Yarn Bazar,Alok Jain says, "We are proud to create E-platform for such a huge shade collections & images in india like never before and This will be helpful to bridge critical Gap in the demand & supply for such a high value products with over all saving Time ,Cost & Energy . Within next few years, we will be in direction to create Good Platform for every kind of fancy yarn Appearance over fabric through its colour ,shade & Fancy effect in Indian Textile Market .

Why Fancy Yarn Bazar ?